Home Visits

The doctor will visit where a patient is too ill to come to the surgery.

Most of our patients come to the surgery where there are better facilities for examination. Please remember that a doctor can see five patients in the surgery in the time it takes to see one patient at home. By saving doctors travelling time, there is more time available for consultations.

If you or your child feel too ill to wait in the waiting-room, the receptionist will show you to one of the consulting rooms on arrival.

If you are too ill to attend surgery, however, you will of course be visited at home.

To request a home visit telephone 01488 682507 before 10.00am whenever possible.

Be ready to give the receptionist clear details of the problem as well as name, address and telephone number. At times it may be more appropriate to offer you an emergency appointment at the surgery rather than a home visit.

Requests for non-urgent problems received after 10 am may be dealt with the following day.